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The Black Cat - White 1 Ryan White Professor Lynda Reichert...

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Professor Lynda Reichert English Comp II 20 April 2009 The Unnamed Monster “The Black Cat” is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe. It is a very strange and sick story about a man that commits the ultimate crime of murder. The man in the story, who is the narrator, begins telling the story on the eve before his scheduled death. The narrator begins by telling the audience that he is completely normal and sane despite the crazy story that he is about to speak about. He starts the story with speaking about his love for animals and names all different kinds of animals he owned and cared for. Of all those animals, the narrator points out one of the animals as his favorite. The narrator loves his black cat named Pluto. Despite the love for his cat Pluto, the narrator soon builds a hatred for the cat. The narrator suffers from violent mood swings due to being a very bad alcoholic. Soon the narrator starts to become irritated with Pluto and cuts out one of Pluto’s eyes. Pluto then starts to ignore the narrator, which irritates the narrator even more. The narrator loses his mind and hangs Pluto from a tree by the cats neck. His house soon burns down and he believes it is Pluto getting back at him. He sees a large shadow of the cat hanging on a wall that is still standing. That picture haunts him from then on. The narrator then gets drunk one night and discovers a new black cat with a little patch of white hair on it. The narrator and his wife form a love for this new cat but it will not last for long. He soon gets irritating with the new cat and tries to kill it until his wife gets involved. He then strikes her in the head with an axe and kills her. Her buries her in the walls of his cellar and the cat disappears. The police soon discover his crime when they hear the cat behind the wall making noises. Poe’s writing is so great but many of his stories are somewhat demented and disturbing. “The Black Cat” is often used due to its great use of symbolism. The most important interesting symbols of “The Black Cat” is Pluto, the narrators first cat, the shadow that sets on the wall of Pluto hanged, and the second cat that appears. White 1
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The Black Cat - White 1 Ryan White Professor Lynda Reichert...

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