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Seminar.Week2-Jan. 17 - to Mr Wiser is in the top federal...

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FMGT 4410 –Seminar Questions Week 2 Week of January 17, 2011 1. Do Chapter 13 - Assignment Problem 4 2. Mr Wiser is contemplating investing in two different mutual funds in 2010. His investment options are outlined below: Option 1: invest $2,000 in ABC Income Fund that pays annual interest of 8% Option 2: invest $2,000 in Canadian Dividend Fund that pays annual eligible dividend of 6% He contemplates holding both funds for the same period of time – from purchase
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Unformatted text preview: to December 31, 2012. Mr Wiser is in the top federal income tax bracket (29%) and his provincial tax bracket is 17%. Assume that the combined federal and provincial dividend tax credit is equal to the dividend gross-up. Which investment should Mr Wiser prefer? 3. Do Chapter 6 – Assignment Problem 10...
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