Week of April 4th - inventory materials. You will also have...

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Week of April 4 th , 2010 Sunday FMGT 4110 Financial Accounting II- Wiley Plus Assignment Due. Monday FMGT 4410 Tax II Quiz- On Capital Gains Exemption Worth 7.5% FMGT 7120 Advanced Accounting- Final Review Handout. FMGT 4710 Advanced Computer- Build your excel model.  Tuesday   FMGT 4510 Finance II- Finish Chapter 22 questions (22-3, 22-4, 22-5, 22-6, 22-8, 22-9,  22-12, 22-13) and 21-3, 21-4, 21-5, ST-1 FMGT 4210 Cost Accounting II- Do Problems 17-30, 17-31, 17-32, 17-33, 18-33, 18-35,  18-34, 18-36 and 18-41. Be ready for a cost quiz.  FMGT 4110 Financial Accounting II- Chapter 21 homework (added question) and  Chapter 18 and questions from Lecture (page 13 and 14). Wednesday FMGT 4310 Auditing II Lab 1 – Audit case –  BonVivant Case - please bring  your 
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Unformatted text preview: inventory materials. You will also have an opportunity to ask any final questions on a/p & accrued liabilities. FMGT 4410 Tax II Posted on my.bcit.ca files Lab material Seminar Week 10 Worth- Classroom Assessments (5% for the term) FMGT 4310 Auditing II Lab 2- Textbook questions - details will be announced in Monday's lecture - will be dependent upon how much is covered in Monday's lecture. Thursday Continue on Accounting, Advanced and Computers homework. Friday FMGT 4510 Finance II- Finish Chapter 21 questions. Upcoming Week FMGT 7120 Advanced Accounting - Final FMGT 4510 Finance II Quiz- On Chapter 13 and 22. FMGT 4310 Auditing II Quiz- Details to follow. Regards, Ricky...
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Week of April 4th - inventory materials. You will also have...

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