Assessment of Dolomite Wall Failures in The 6th GOLBINI JAJARM Bauxite Mine by Using SMR Classific

Assessment of Dolomite Wall Failures in The 6th GOLBINI JAJARM Bauxite Mine by Using SMR Classific

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53 Mining and Geology ASSESMENT OF DOLOMITE WALL FAILURES IN THE 6TH GOLBINI JAJARM BAUXITE MINE BY USING SMR CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM Dr. M. Ataei 1 , Dr. K. Goshtasbi 2 , MSc. Student R. Kalatehjary 3 1 Shahrood University of Technology, Mining Engineering Department, Shahrood, Iran 2 Tarbiat Modarres University, Mining Engineering Department, Tehran, Iran 3 Science and Research Campus University, Tehran, Iran ABSTRACT ±e stability problems in 73 meters height of dolomite wall cause to starting an empirical estimation for early step of slope optimization. In this paper, three rock classi²cation systems (RQD, RMR and SMR) are utilized for assessment of dolomite wall failures in the 6th Golbini Jajarm bauxite mine. ±e SMR (slope mass rating) geo-mechanics classi²cation system, is adaptation of RMR (rock mass rating) for slopes. In ²rst step, joint study and site investigation carried out for RQD (rock quality designation) and RMR determination. ±e results of these studies show four major discontinuities that contains three joint sets
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Unformatted text preview: and one bedding plane. Second step was laboratory tests and determining groundwater condition that can be used to obtain the RMR parameters values. ±e UCS (uncon²ned compressive strength of intact rock material) of dolomite specimens is determined with uniaxial compressive strength laboratory tests. Finally, the classi²cation of rock mass, description of classes, probability of failures and suggested support methods are determined according SMR values in two critical sections, southern west and southern east walls with total height of 155 meters, and two failure conditions, plane and toppling failure. Final results describe the hazard of big planar or soil-like failures, in both critical sections. It seems that Re-excavation on current 73 meters slopes must be applied, for stability of 155 meters height of pit limit southern wall. Keywords: Slope stability, Jajarm bauxite mine, rock classi²cation systems....
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