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lesson1 - most effective military force of the time...

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Key People/ Terms/Locations Early Middle Ages—the period between 500 and 900 o “dark ages”—since followed the political, social and economic collapse of the Roman Empore Charlemagne—Frankish king Charles the Great o Often went to Aachen to enjoy natural hot springs o Descendant of barbarian warriors o Commissioned an architect to design a palace as compex as his residence—one that would rival the great Roman and Byzantine buildings of Italy and Constantinople o The coronation ceremony revived the Roman empire in the west o Was a true successor of the ancient roman emperors o Aachen—“chapel at the waters”…where Charlemagne’s chapel was o Empire was built on the remains of roman tradition, onto which was grafted a vigorous tradition of Germanic kinship and society. Charles Martel—most successful in aristocratic factions o Successful in part because he molded the Frankish calvary into the
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Unformatted text preview: most effective military force of the time Effective but costly o Supported anglo-saxon missionaries (Boniface) who were trying to introduce on the continent the Roman form of Christianity o Charle’s support of the roman papacy was the ecclesiastal policy that proved most crucial to later carolingians • Battle of Tours—charles caught the attention of pope Gregory II after defeating the muslim force near Tours that had attempted to continue the northward expansion of Islam. Pg. 232 • Pippin III—charle’s son o Inherited power • Vassals • Caroline Minuscule • Carolingian Renaissance • Synods • Louis the Pious • Dipolmas • Capitularies • Utrecht Psalter • King Alfred • Vernacular • Vikings • Caliph • Treaty of Verdun • Lothair • Louis the German • Charles the Bald • Cluny...
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lesson1 - most effective military force of the time...

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