lesson1 - most effective military force of the time...

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Key People/ Terms/Locations Early Middle Ages—the period between 500 and 900 o “dark ages”—since followed the political, social and economic collapse of the Roman Empore Charlemagne—Frankish king Charles the Great o Often went to Aachen to enjoy natural hot springs o Descendant of barbarian warriors o Commissioned an architect to design a palace as compex as his residence—one that would rival the great Roman and Byzantine buildings of Italy and Constantinople o The coronation ceremony revived the Roman empire in the west o Was a true successor of the ancient roman emperors o Aachen—“chapel at the waters”…where Charlemagne’s chapel was o Empire was built on the remains of roman tradition, onto which was grafted a vigorous tradition of Germanic kinship and society. Charles Martel—most successful in aristocratic factions o Successful in part because he molded the Frankish calvary into the
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Unformatted text preview: most effective military force of the time Effective but costly o Supported anglo-saxon missionaries (Boniface) who were trying to introduce on the continent the Roman form of Christianity o Charles support of the roman papacy was the ecclesiastal policy that proved most crucial to later carolingians Battle of Tourscharles caught the attention of pope Gregory II after defeating the muslim force near Tours that had attempted to continue the northward expansion of Islam. Pg. 232 Pippin IIIcharles son o Inherited power Vassals Caroline Minuscule Carolingian Renaissance Synods Louis the Pious Dipolmas Capitularies Utrecht Psalter King Alfred Vernacular Vikings Caliph Treaty of Verdun Lothair Louis the German Charles the Bald Cluny...
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lesson1 - most effective military force of the time...

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