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Website Review wk 4 dis 1

Website Review wk 4 dis 1 - WebsiteReview" Read the website...

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Website Review, "Leadership Development Within Groups" 
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Read the website article, " Leadership Development within Groups: Managing Conflict ." Identify a conflict that has occurred recently within a group you are a part of. List the reason(s) for the conflict. Was the conflict resolved the same day? If so, what conflict style(s) were used and were they appropriate? Why? If the conflict style used in this situation was not appropriate, which conflict style would you use? Why? If the same situation happened again, what would you do differently? Respond to at least two of your fellow students' postings. Recently in the Fibromyalgia group, which I am a member of had a minor conflict. The team leaders are trying to develop a webpage, so that we can help others with the medical condition. One leader wanted it to look one way, but the other two disagreed with how it looked and the set up. Since they could not come to an agreement, they decided to ask all the members of the group what they thought. No, the
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