Lab 1 Physics2049 complete

Lab 1 Physics2049 complete - Lab 1 Boyles law 1. Objective:...

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Lab 1 Boyle’s law 1. Objective: To measure the number of moles (n) of air enclosed in a tube using Boyles law. 2. Apparatus : A graduated cylinder fitted to a wooden base at the closed end and a piston at the other end. The piston is fitted with a platform on which loads can be added to increase the pressure of the enclosed air. A set of 500 g-weights. 3. Theory: The pressure P of a given amount of gas (n moles) is inversely proportional to it volume V when temperature T remains a constant. The universal gas law is PV = nRT A graph of P against 1/V will be a straight line and its slope gives the value of nRT. 4. Method: The diameter of the piston = 2.2 cm. Use this value to calculate the area of the piston as A = π r 2 The cylinder is graduated in mL. Take the reading corresponding to the bottom end of the piston and record this as the volume of the air when the load on the platform is zero. We will approximate the corresponding pressure to be the atmospheric pressure (1.01 x 10 5 Pa). Load a 500 g mass on the platform and measure the volume of the air. The increase in force on the piston = the weight of 500 g = 0.5 × 9.8 = 4.9 N The increase in pressure on the air inside P= F/A = 4.9 N/A m 2 The actual pressure of the air inside is (1.01 × 10 5 + 4.9/A) Pa. Repeat the experiment 5 more times by loading masses in steps of 500 g. Measure each time the volume of the air and its pressure. Tabulate your values as follows.
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Conversion ml to m 3 = = - = × - 1ml 1cm3 10 2m1cm3 1 10 6m3 A = or 2 =(1.1×10 -2 m) 2 = 3.8×10 -4 m 2 Mass Loaded (kg) V (m 3 ) ×10 -6 m 3 Increase in Pressure (Pa) Actual pressure (Pa) ×10 -6 m 3 0 35 0 1.01 x 10 5 135 0.5 32 . × 1 3 104Pa . × 1 14 105 Pa 132
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Lab 1 Physics2049 complete - Lab 1 Boyles law 1. Objective:...

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