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Final exam TF - print name COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM 30 OF...

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Sum. 2000 Comprehensive Final O'Hara Page 1 of 14 ____________________________ print name COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM 30% OF COURSE GRADE review of Business Law I, text chapters 26 to 47 and 52 - 56; as well as Lectures INSTRUCTIONS: A. No headgear may be worn which obstructs the instructor's clear view your eyes (e.g., no baseball caps worn with the bill forward ). B. Read carefully , the law often turns on one word. Incorrect conjunctives --such as " and " versus " or "-- can materially change the meaning of a statement. For this reason, the instructor has attempted to bold all conjunctives and negatives ( e.g., not ). Likewise, text inside of parentheses is italicized and the spacing of the text may be adjusted to make it easier to read these complex statements, but the instructor makes no warranty for such text adjustments. C. Recall the difference between i.e. ( that is ) versus e.g. ( for example ). D. Write your name on your set of the exam questions and on your answer sheet. You do not need to bubble in your name on the answer sheet. On the answer sheet, provide your Social Security number in numeral and in bubble. E. Answers properly written on the answer sheet are the only answers that will count for credit. On the answer sheet, use A for True and use B for False . F. There are 53 questions, but you will be graded as if there only are 50. Thus, the exam construction anticipates the possibility of at least THREE errors on the answer sheet, although the instructor's subjective intent is for no errors. We will not go over this exam in class. The instructor does welcomes oral and/or written inquires about any exam question any time out side of class time. However, if a student wishes to appeal the grading of this exam, then the student must file a written appeal with the instructor or his secretary in CBA 502 of no fewer than FOUR questions no latter than the end of BUSINESS on July 10 . The student's appeal must: [1] start out with a list of all exam questions the student challenges; [2] draw the instructor's attention to specific pages and paragraphs of the textbook ( e.g., page 618, para. 2 ) and the date of the lecture (including a photocopy of your notes from that date) which support the student's appeal for each and every challenged answer key answer; [3] explain in detail why the answer key answer is wrong; and [4] be signed by the student, including social security number. The instructor shall reply in writing VIA U.S.A. MAIL to each student's appeal by the end of BUSINESS on July 12. A student's exam grade only will change for successful appeals of answer key answers in excess of two erroneously graded exam questions. Only successful appeals
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Final exam TF - print name COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM 30 OF...

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