Spring 2009 Exam 3

Spring 2009 Exam 3 - http/www.cbe.uidaho.edu/wegman/265...

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http://www.cbe.uidaho.edu/wegman/265%20Exams/265%20Spr%2009%20exam%203web.htm Business Law 265 Spring 2009 Final Exam, May 12, 2009 This exam contains 50 questions. Each question is 2 points. The exam and its answer key will be posted on www.cbe.uidaho.edu/wegman within one hour after the end of the exam. Go to Test Bank of Old Exams on the B. Law 265 section of that website. Refresh the page. If you disagree with the answer key, or you have a question or comment, please email Professor Wegman at [email protected] . You must include exam and the question number in the subject line of your email. Feed-back will be considered and may result in modification of the answer key, if received by 11:00 AM Wednesday. 1. Sue was a tenant for four years in Mary s apartment house. Sue had given Mary a damage deposit of two month s rent, $800. When the tenancy terminated, Sue diligently cleaned the apartment. As a result, the apartment was in as good a condition as when Sue moved in, with the exception that the carpet was approximately 50% worn out. The normal service life of that carpet is eight years. The reasonable value of that carpet is $1,000. Because of the carpet wear, Mary is refusing to return any of Sue s damage deposit. How much of Sue s damage deposit is she entitled to have returned to her? a. $400; half her deposit. b. $800; her entire deposit. c. $300; her deposit less half the reasonable value of the carpet. d. None. Sue has damaged the carpet, so she is not entitled to the return of her damage deposit. 2. Sue was a tenant in Mary s apartment house. Sue has not paid the rent for five months and Mary wanted to evict her. Mary had warned Sue that she would be evicted if she did not pay the rent. When Sue had not paid the rent after three warnings, Mary decided to evict her. When Sue was at work, Mary entered the apartment with a locksmith who changed the lock. Mary moved all of Sue s furniture and belongings into a storage locker. When Sue came home from work, Mary informed her of what she had done, and gave Sue the key to the storage locker. a. Mary should have waited another month before evicting Sue. b. Mary was entitled to act as she did because Sue was more than three months behind in her rent and had been warned three times that she could be evicted. c. Mary has performed an illegal eviction and is civilly, but not criminally liable. d. Mary has performed an illegal eviction and is both civilly and criminally liable. 3. Jim rented an apartment from Moscow Apartments, Inc. Jim invited Susie over for dinner. Susie slipped on a banana peel as she entered the apartment building on the common stairway. It had been left there by persons unknown. Under these circumstances: a. Jim is liable for Susie's injury because the accident occurred in his apartment. b. Susie can only sue the person responsible for leaving the banana peel.
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Spring 2009 Exam 3 - http/www.cbe.uidaho.edu/wegman/265...

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