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Austin Meunier Che 111-007 Lauren Ison Partner: 4/13/11 Intro The whole goal of this experiment is to calculate heat and the enthalpy of reactions. By doing this you learn how to write net ionic equations, how to use Hess’s law to determine the enthalpy of a reaction, and defining calorimetry. All chemical reactions involve an exchange of heat energy; therefore, it is tempting to plan to follow a reaction by measuring the enthalpy change. We can measure the heat change that occurs in the surroundings by monitoring temperature changes. A calorimeter is used to measure the heat changes when two or more substances are combined, whether it be two substances at different temperatures or two substances that will undergo a chemical reaction. The key feature of a calorimeter is that it is insulated enough to minimize the loss of heat to the surroundings. A stryofoam cup is an effective calorimeter because it acts as a good insulator. Inserting the calorimeter into a beaker provides extra insulation and stability to the cup. By performing a calibration of the calorimeter, we will be able to determine the amount of the heat absorbed by the calorimeter and will account for that loss when determining the heat change for our chemical reactions. In this experiment, we will first determine the heat capacity for our calorimeter by mixing samples of hot and cold water together. There are two formulas, which we will use to calculate the individual terms in the equation. The first formula, which is shown in equation 3, I used when you have varying masses of the substance. The specific heat, s, has been determined for many
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expirment 7 full - Austin Meunier Che 111-007 Lauren Ison...

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