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Austin Meunier Che 111-007 Lauren Ison Partner: 2/1/11 Lab Procedure For this procedure I will be working with a piece of aluminum foil. I will need to determine the cost per square inch (dollars/in 2 ), grams per square inch, cost per gram (dollars/gram), density per trial, average density, standard deviation, density using the graphical method, find the accepted value for the density of aluminum with the temperature, percent error in the density based on your average calculated density value, and the percent error in the density based on my graphical density value. Lab Questions 1. You should measure the mass of the aluminum twice. 2. You should not measure samples of different sizes.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The factors that should be considered when determining the volume of the aluminum by displacement is the displacement of liquid by adding the solid to a graduated cylinder that contains a measured liquid. The liquid must be one that will not react with the solid in the time frame of the experiment. The density of the solid must be greater than that of the liquid so that it will sink and displace its entire volume. 4. The shape that is best for determining the volume by displacement is a cylinder. 5. The aluminum foil will float on water and regular aluminum will sink....
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