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KIC000037 - Auk-lent HW CHZ-Z Instructor 1:0le alhofihi...

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Unformatted text preview: Auk-lent: HW CHZ-Z Instructor: 1:0le alhofihi Course: Eco 2301-05 Book: l-Iuhbarle'Bt-ien: Microeconomics 2e Which of the thawing ammonia is true thou: a simple circular flow model? ' MlWflWWW 20, The segment of the circular flow diagram in the Figureshowsthefiowofgoodsandservices Ironmm'ketCtoeeononnc' agmtsAWlmis mmcmmmmhmnd? -_ A‘ C=productmarkets;A=fimls "Va. C=ficuxmrkets;A-firms "6 emwmvmmm if. gammammmm $mmummmmmwmmmmmwm ’A AlfiedMarshnll ‘5; Karl Marx ‘ C John Maynard Keynes n V D Adam Smith ...
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