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KIC000056 - Sunlent Instructor koltlloom alkofahi Date...

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Unformatted text preview: Sunlent:_ Instructor: koltlloom alkofahi Date: 1017IO9 Course: Eco 2301-05 Time: 12:00 PM Book: Hubbarle'Brien: Microeconomics 2e Assignment: KW C1144 i3. Which of the foliow is not a result of imposing a rent ceiling? {ii/(A. Some consumer surplus is converted to producer surplus. {38‘ A reduction in the quantity supplied of apartments. if} C, An increase in the quantity,r demanded of apartments. C )D, The marginal benefit of the last apartment rented is greater than the marginal cost of supplying it 14, Which of the following is a result of government price controls? C3111- The deadweight loss from price ceilings is greater than the deadweight loss from price floors. {99’ E3. Some people win and some people lose. {it C, Price controls benefit poor consumers but harm producers and wealthy consumers. if) D. Price controls increase economic efficiency. 15. The actual division of the burden of a tax between buyers and sellers in a market is called {_)A. tax liability. DB. tax bearer. :30 tax parity. {D tax incidence. ...
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