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KIC000074 - ”tumult“ Instructor kolfltoom alkofahi...

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Unformatted text preview: ”tumult“ Instructor: kolfltoom alkofahi Assignment: HW (3116-2 inane: 10:21:09 Come: Eco 2301-05 3 Time: 12:24 PM Book: Hubbard-'O'Brien: Mu‘oecouomics i 2e 17 _ Consider the following pairs of items: a. shampoo and conditioner b. iPhones and earbuds c. a laptop computer and a desktop computer d. beef and pork 6. air* travel and weed killer. Which of the pairs listed will have cross - price elasticity of zero? f £2 a and b only : NB (1 only ' n" c only since most people cannot do without computers none of the pairs listed l 8. Good X (ioutl Y Good 2 I’m: Price Price D1 DZ Dz D1 Quanlll}' ()iiuntily Uturnt Refer to Figure 6 — 6. Identify the two goods which are complements. Good X and Good Y V Good Y and Good 2 It is not possible to distinguish any relationship among Lhc goods. Good X and Good Z .—_-.-.“_-.,,,, .------——-...- ...
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