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Civil Litigation - Service getting into the hands of the...

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Techniques In Questioning  (before the trial):   Written Interrogatories - document, tell me all the ways you think you were damaged, tell me  all the ways you think I was negligent.  However, all you receive back is a lawyer's answer.    Depositions - Face to face questioning. A way for one side to ask questions of the party on the  other side or witnesses on the other side.  Subpoena is served and witness must appear at deposition  Performed in a conference room at  a lawyer's office, no judge or jury is present just the  lawyers, witness, and a court reporter who will create a transcript of the proceedings. Each deposition has only one witness. Multiple witnesses = multiple depositions Filing  - delivering or somehow getting the document into the office of the clerk of court,  administrative office Document is run through time stamp machine --> "Filed" is stamped on with the date and time
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Unformatted text preview: Service - getting into the hands of the opposing party. Sometimes people want to evade being served, so other means can be used - ex) published in a newspaper Summons - "Please take notice, you have been sued." Complaint - reason for suing 3 Parts to the Defendant's answer to a complaint: Denials - denying any portion of the alleged facts no , I disagree with the allegations in the complaint Ex) that was someone else, I was in the Bahamas at the time Defenses - legal reason why the defendant says he/she should not be responsible Ex) the statute of limitations had already expired Counterclaims - claim by the defendant back against the plaintiff Ex) you actually owe me money for damage done to my car when your cat ran underneath it...
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