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Vocab (20) - O refutation pattern of organization A pattern...

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Unformatted text preview: - O refutation pattern of organization: A pattern of organizing speech points in which each main point addresses and then refutes (disproves) an opposing claim to a speaker's position. Chapter 21 Special occasion speech: A speech whose general purpose is to entertain, celebrate, commemorate, . inspire, or set a social agenda. 0 social agenda-setting: In a special occasion speec - social/political issue and reinforce a message that relates to it. . Speech of introduction: A short speech defined by two goals: to prepare or "warm up" audience members for the main speaker and to motivate them to listen to what that speaker has to say. speech of acceptance: A speech made in re5p0nse to receiving an award. Its purpose is to express gratitude for the honor bestowed on the speaker. I speech of presentation: A speech whose purpose is and to explain why the recipient is receiving it. roast: A humorous tribute to a person, one in which a 5 individual being honored. toast: A brief tribute to a person or an event being celebrated. eulogy: A speech whose purpose is to celebrate and commemorate the life of someone while consoling those who are left behind,- typically delivered by close friends and family members. after-dinner speech: A speech that is likely to occur before, after, or during a formal dinner, a breakfast or lunch seminar, or other type of business, professional, or civic meeting. 0 canned speech: A speech used repeatedly and without sufficient adaptation to the rhetorical speech h, a type of speech purpose whose goal is to focus on a twofold: to communicate the meaning of the award eries of speakers jokingly poke fun at the situation. sermon: A speech of inspiration given in a religious context. speech ofinspiration: A speech whose purpose is to inspire or motivate the audience to positively consider, reflect on, and sometimes even act on the speaker's words. Chapter 18 small group: A group that consists of between three and twenty people as opposed to a large public audience. virtual group: A group in which members who are physically dispersed interact and exchange ideas through mediated communication such as e-mail and video conferencing. presentational speaking: Reports delivered by individuals or groups within a business or professional environment. agenda: A document identifying the items to be accomplished during a meeting. a task roles: Types of roles that directly relate to the accomplishments of the objectives and missions of a group. Recording secretary and moderator are examples of task roles. I interpersonal roles: Types of roles or styles of interacting in a group that facilitate group interaction. . counterproductive roles: Negative interpersonal roles or group members who focus on individual versus group needs. These needs are usually irrelevant to the task at hand and are not oriented toward maintenance of the group as a team. ...
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