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Marketing Ch 6 Slides (2)

Marketing Ch 6 Slides (2) - Assassin Marketing Informa on...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/29/2010 Assassin Marketing Informa on Needs cum of a Good ms - Balancing what the information users would like to have against what they need and what is feasible to offer Developing Marketing Information Iarkotereohtalnintormationl‘rom Developing Marketing information Developing Marketing Information Internal Data lntemal databases are electronic collections of consumer and market inionnation obtained from data sources within the company network Marketing Intaillgenoe Maikotlng intelligence is the systematic collection and analysis of publicly avaiidtle information about oonsuners. competitors. and developments in the marketplace Developing Marketing Information Developing Marketing Infon'ntttlon MarkedngReaearch Marketingfluearch -flarknflngrusearchisthesystematic DeflningtheProbletnandRuearchObjeottvae design, collection. analysis. and reporting ofdata relevant to a We Exploratory research marketing situation facing an organization ' Descriptive research . Causal research .m__h 1 MéM-yaiim'q ...
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