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Marketing Ch 6 Slides (5)

Marketing Ch 6 Slides (5) - Developing Marketing...

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Unformatted text preview: Developing Marketing Information Marketing Reeeach Research Instruments Questionnaires - Most common . Administered in person. by phone. or online - Flexible - Watch working and ordering of questions own-mun Developing Marketing Inforrnatlon Marketing Research Analyzing Marketing Information Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - CRM consists of sophisticated software and analytical tools that integrate customer infomation from all sources, , analyze it in depth, and apply the results 5 to build stronger customer relationships : metering manna .. “Mg: Developing Marketing Information Marketing Research Research [mourners - Quauonnalres - Closed—end questions include all possible answers. and subjects make choices among them — Provide answers that are easier to interpret and tabulate - Open-end questions allow respondents to answer in their own words - Useful in exploratory research Developing Marketing Information Marketing Research Implementing the Research Plan Analyzing Marketing Information 9/2920! 0 : Méfiéiin‘icj were . ...
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