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Midterm Exam (8) - Who was Ahmet Ertegun Student Response A...

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Unformatted text preview: Who was Ahmet Ertegun? Student Response A. Fats Domino's drummer In the early 605, the "buying power" of this particular demographic group strongly influenced major record companies in their rather mainstream and non—threatening choice of music, lyrim, and arrangements. Student Response Value A. the American (mostly white) been-age audience 8. European teenagers buying American records 3] C. American adults in the 35-50 age group 0% Score: 0/1 II Elvis Presley and many others were seen on this 19505 — 1960s TV show, which introduced many rock and roll bands to American listeners. The host wouldn't let them fiim Elvis below the waist. (This show also featured the American debut of the Beatles in 1964.) Student Response A. Hollywood Palace Score: 1/1 ’ Boogie-Woogie Is... The publishing company Aldon Music hired a team of expert songwriters to crank out hits for http:l/wwwblackboardtm.edu/webct/urw/lcl4286402000002.tpl 428643 1000002/ViewS. .. 10/16/2009 nmuéh-QWWAAfiumAwnfiufiM—_---------uuu-m_--.u---_-'_----..__----.’ _.._- .. _-_ _ _- - _- -- __._- _ _l-___ ...
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