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Midterm Exam (18) - View Attempt Page 18 of 26 In 1968 EMS...

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Unformatted text preview: View Attempt Page 18 of 26 ' In 1968 EMS decided to stage a "comeback." What did he do? Student Response A. He recorded_a_bunch of Beatle tunes C. He fired his manager Score: 111 I Which one of the following artists Illustrates the papularity of "the singer over the song?" Student Response A. The Great Pretender, The Platters What’s a mellsma? Student Imam A. an instrument that you play with malletsfi C. a bass note that repeats continually _ Score: 1/1 a. This famous radio show, broadcast from Nashville, helped to popularize country music throughout America. Student Response " "6f iiéé'r'i‘al; """""""" C. Blue Moon of Kentucky Score: 1/1 This famous 1920's singer, known to many as the "first true country star,“ was known for his trademark “yodellng.” http://www.blackboard.ttu.edu/webct/mw/lcl42864020000021p1428643 lOOOOOZvaS... 10/16/2009 ...
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