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Midterm Exam (20) - View Attempt Page 20 of26 ‘ roll”...

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Unformatted text preview: View Attempt Page 20 of26 ‘ roll” single. We heard it In class, and it's discussed in the Gass book. Which one of the v following songs am I most likely to be referring to? This famous singer. born In Wink, Texas, was greatly admired by Elvis. His strong, powerful voice and heart-wrenching love songs brought him over 27 hit songs In the early 60's, including "Only the Lonely" and "Pretty Woman,” which was covered by Van Halen years later. Student Response __A. Nell Sedaka C. Buddy Holly O Brackett 24: Judging from the articles contained In the “Rock’n'Roll Meets the Popular Press“ excerpts in the Brackett book, the mainstream American media in the 50's portrayed rock'n'roll as: Student Response A. the great new American art form, soon to be global C. not something to be particularly concerned about Score: 111 ‘ In the early 50's, how did the major labels take advantage of the R&B artists and their successes on small "indie" labels? Student Response A. They fired all of their R&B artists C. They made It Impossible for radio stations to play R&B hits Score: 1/1 ’_ http:l/www.blackboard.ttu.edulwebct/urwllc14286402000002.tp1428643 lOOOOOZ/ViewS. .. 10/16/2009 ...
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