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Midterm Exam (21) - ViewAttempt PageZl of26 Which of the...

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Unformatted text preview: ViewAttempt PageZl of26 Which of the following styles is characterized by the use of acoustic guitar, bottleneck slide, “walking bass" rhythms, and a “hollering" vocal style? J i This city's mixture of French, African, English, Spanish, West Indian, Cajun and Creole ethn icltles has given it a rich, diverse, and vital cultural and musical history. 3—1. The "dense, reverberant texture” of Phil Spector's recordings became known as... Student Response Value A. The Brill Sound C. The Spector Sound Who was Alan Freed? Student Response A. A famous promoter whose concerts of rhythm and blues music brought together both i Q B. A famous DJ who brought R&B to a whole new audience of young white 0% 1, '!§'E‘?'??f§i .‘1‘?_F?T99F_‘3'§§ 9??! REF??? 9‘! WE PPXQ'E €904?! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l i i both a_and b Score: 0/1 From the 405 through the 605, the studio run by Costimo Matassa was the location for the recording of most of New Orleans’ great R&B and rock a roll hits. Matassa had a first-rate http://www.blackboard.mLedu/webct/urwllcl4286402000002.tp1428643 lOOOOOWewS.. . 10/ 1 6/2009 ...
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