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Midterm Exam (24) - Vi“ Attempt Page 24 of 26 B Eddie...

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Unformatted text preview: Vi“ Attempt Page 24 of 26 B. Eddie Cochin C. Chet Atkins Score: 1/1 I This man and two of his female family members comprised one of the most important early country music groups. He was also an Important collector of folk and country music songs. Student Response A. Gene Au_try I Supplemental Reading 8: The Ballot or the Bullet. Judging from Malcolm X's 1964 speech “The Ballot or the Bullet,“ we can conclude the following: Student Response A. Malcolm X felt that the victories of the Civil Rights movement had made it much less crucial for black Americans to be militant This slnger—songwrlter's voice and his moving and deeply personal songs made him one of country music’s greatest legends. He was a star of the Grand Ole Opry, but his troubles with alcohol and drugs led him to an early death from a heart attack at age 29. Student Response Value A. Bill Monroe 0% B. Willie Nelson Hank Williams W Chuck Berry's style Is a mixture of country and rhythm and blues, featuring an emphasis on guitar "riffs", a slightly distorted guitar sound, boogie~type piano style, AND htlprllwww.blackboard.tm.edu/wcbctlurw/lcl4286402000002.tp1428643 1000002/VieW31 .. 10/16/2009 ...
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