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Midterm Exam (25) - View Attempt Page 25 of 26 Student...

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Unformatted text preview: View Attempt Page 25 of 26 Student Response A. lyrics that were mostly nonsense Score: 1/1 B. sax, guitar, trumpet ________4__.__4-M___fi_________,-__H-fi,m,------fi_-- -- “m"--.“l a C. gultar,clarlnet, bass 0% l I GAROFALO 5: One element of the huge mid—1950's controversy and attack on rock and roll was tied In with the rivalry between two major performing-rights companies. One of these companies was very prominently sympathetic to rock, Rae, and Indie labels, and had many of those artists on IIS roster; the other was openly hostile, and viewed it as a threat, leading to all kinds of legal mayhem. Which of the following ls accurate? Student Response Value 81 A. ASCAP had many rock, R&B, and Indie artists on its roster, and BMI viewed 0% them as a threat (9 BMI had many rock, R&B, and indie artists on its roster, and ASCAP viewed 7‘ '7‘ H them as a threat J Score: 0/1 Which of the following three genres is best described by these traits: high, treble-dominated, percussive guitar sound, boogie woogie riffs, "black blues speeded up," minimal production values, and a high energy, "rough" sound? http://wwwbiackboaidtutedtMct/urwncl4286402000002.tpl4286431000002NiewS. .. 10/ 16/2009 ...
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