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Exam ch1-6 (1) - /b Gasmm Date'0‘“ l ID B Name r ’—...

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Unformatted text preview: /b/ Gasmm Date: '0‘“ l ID: B Name: r ’— 5’6 BA 3305 Chapters 1-6 Fall 2010 __.tl_)__§ ‘- 55:) «I Multiple Choice (2 points each) ‘ Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. . When media in India informed the public that Coca-Cola products bottled in india contained a high level of certain cancer~causing pesticides, the Indian government immediately ordered Coke to stop production in its Indian bottling plant until further analysis could be done. The Indian government served 'as a(n) _. a. primary shareholder b. primary stakeholder c. integrated stakeholder is. secondary stakeholder _,,. rtstkhlde )9 ove ae‘o r f According to Mary Parker Follett, if managers use to settle or reduce conflict, each of the parties b J; 5. xi Q, involved give up some of what they want. a. reallocation b. mediation c. arbitration d. negotiation ompromise When ivory started work at Henderson Textile Co., she was amazed at its employees who would take 30-minute restroom breaks, leave for the day at 2 pm, and generally belittle the company‘s management. Such employees‘ actions most likely developed as a result of a faulty _. a. general environment b. benchmark c. response to an opportunity organizational culture e. formalization strategy Arr?) industry?" corporate-level a. industry-level c. d. e. strategy is a corporate strategy that addresses the question "How should we compete in this firm-level niche-specific SBU -leve1 Which of the following is one of the six steps in the rational decision-making process? a. choose a minimally acceptable alternative solution (B evaluate the effectiveness of the decision c. weight the criteria d. introduce the decision to those who will be impacted by it e. identify customer service gaps ...
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