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Exam ch7-12 (1) - Namam Class Bi 29)55 Date I I S ID C(0 BA...

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Unformatted text preview: Namam Class: Bi 29;)55 Date: I I' S ID: C (0 BA 3305 Chap 7-12 Exam 2 Fall 2010 6 C/Ejya ' Multiple Choice (2 points each) @ Identifiz the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Q 1. ___ involves assigning direct authority and responsibility to a subordinate to complete tasks for which the manager is normally responsible. a. A job description b. Staff functionality Delegation of authority Decentralization e. An organization chart B 2. The purposeful steps taken by an organimtion to create employment opportunities for minorities and women is called _ ' —a. discretionary diversity 1). affirmative action g organizational plurality é cultural proaction e. acculturation I O 3. According to the text, if an employer were to use only one type of selection test, _ would be the one to use. achievement tests personality tests -— c. cognitive ability tests d. work sample tests e‘. biodata as» 4. is the relatively stable set of behaviors, attitudes, and emotions displayed overtime that makes people different fi'om each other. 5 A . a. Disposition 4 ' 2 — b. Personality ‘ ‘ Motivation 9- d. Self-concept -—@ Cognitive activity 5. An expatriate is someone who a. claims dual citizenship {53 lives and works outside of his or her own country 1: believes strongly in nationalization 3‘. is unhappy with his or her present residence e desires to be employed in a country outside of his or her own ...
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