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Exam ch7-12 (7) - Name ID C I 2 28 When Suzanne Pogell...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: ID: C I 2 28. When Suzanne Pogell wanted to learn to sail, she could find no one to teach her because men were the ones who sailed, and women were their crew. She finally did convince someone to teach her to sail, and after mastering sailing, she started an all—woman sailing school called Womanship as a sole proprietorship. By creating her own business, Pogell overcame problems associated with while creating a different version of the same problem. fa. disability discrimination b. external locus of control c. age discrimination d. male introversion @ sex discrimination C— 29. A(n) __ is a formal assessment that measures employee and management attitudes, investigates the extent to which people are advantaged or disadvantaged with respect to hiring and promotions. and reviews A @ -'companies' diversity-related policies and procedures. a. diversity comparison _b. diversity audit "to. employee-oriented attitudinal review “d. individual SWOT analysis e. stereotypical audit Q 30, The Ryerson University Library is organized in a hierarchy with six unit heads reporting to a chief librarian. The units are archives. audiovisualfinterlibrary loans, library access services. reference and information, X ”—rx, systems, and technical services. Within these units are fifieen librarians and forty-seven full-time library staff. One of the tools used in the organizational development of the library was to systematically move employees (5' > from one job to another to give them an opportunity to learn and use different skills. The Ryerson University Library used 4!. task aggregation T b. job specialization A3? job enlargement employee specialization on. job rotation A 31. _ deparunentalization is defined as organizing work and workers into separate units responsible for articular business functions or areas of expertise. {E} Functional ' ' , . Customer 5. Matrix d. Product e. Hierarchical Q 32. When incremental improvements are made to a dominant technological design such that the improved version of the technology is fully backward compatible with the older version, _ is said to have occurred. a. a milestone b. intuitive change 6 generational change d. coercive change e. discontinuous innovation ...
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