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ch9 review card (1)

ch9 review card (1) - LEARNING OUTCOMES Flavlew 1...

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Unformatted text preview: LEARNING OUTCOMES Flavlew 1: Departmentalization >nmnfimhflduflmruntmmel.m.m m. atom Fu'IclziotIi depar-trrmtalimtion is based on the different minutiUtSmmtiseusedwmaurshesstdtmdemmalizafimis WWmfiediflethmsmWamaflem depamntdimfimhusesitsdwisimsmdedflfemtkhdsolcusmnasacmm hasfieog-qhhdepamwwmlsbasadmflwdifiamgeogadttnasmnflkets 'nmichthemnm'rycktesbus‘ness. Matrixdeper‘urrentalizationisahybndfonndut Westwammmofdepa‘mizafionfiremstmmbehgflem www.memwmm.5mhmm Review 2: Organizational Authority >D‘gaimfimdmityisdemhedbydtechainofmmmmhevamsstefi arthority, dalegatim.mddtedegreeofcmu'alizatimhacm1paw.mechahofcpnmmd verticallycmrtectseveryiobitdreeorrrpartytohigierleuelsotnmnagamentmdmslies clear MmmputsmemManagashavelhewflmfitymcmrmMamphyeeshelowdmin “www.mmmmfiommymmwmmm them incite chain of command. Managers delegate annuity wa-ansletfingtosubu'dinetes the maturity and respmsibrlity mededtodoatadz; inexdtange. subordinatesbeppme accomtablefortaskeorrpletion. lncettnalized companiesmostaudroritytomakedecisims lieswithntanagas'ndretpperleveisofthewnpany. lndecentralizedpompmies. much ofdreauthu'ityisdelegatadtofltewa'kersclosesttoproblemswhocanthenmdtethe decisions necessaryforsolv'ngmeproblems themselves. Delegation: Responsibility. Authority. and Accountability Merleger Srborrirnle m ....1.“"£"Y_.. 7 W Somme: C. D. Pringle D F JennktgsarJ <1 Longencdier. WWW!» Funmonrandflehaviorr a man wanted by permssion owner“ Moat-an, lng Upper SaddleRiwr. N). anlaw 3: Job Design > Computes use specialized jobs because they are anatomical and easy to learn md don't require highly paid writers. However. specialized jobs aren't motivating or particularly satisfying for employees. Convenies have used job rotation. job mlarganent. lob enticl'ment. and the job marecteristics model to make specialized iobs more interesting and motivating. The goal of the id] dtaracteristics model is to make jobs intrinsically rrrotivating. For this to happen. jobs must be strong at five core job characteristics [skill variety. task identity. task significance, autonomy. and feedback). and workers nuts: experience three critinl psychological states {knowledge of results. responsibility for work mtcomes. and meaningful work]. if jobs aren't internally motivating. they can be redesigned by combining tasks. forming natural Work mite. establishing client relationships. vertical loading. and gilt. lllllll ll ill ii i ll trig El}: zen-rm l i “spur-inhu— ‘li lll “MM-*Mp KEY TERMS Windmills m Orguriutional prucessthe onl- lcction ofarctivttiesthatuanslorm inputs inmoutputsdratwstomersyalue Manhunt-Imam weritandwor’hersinm separateorganl- mmmum paticuhrtadts Functional flop-momm- flonnrgurifingworkarrdworkers into mmmflefaumlar , bramhmcdarrrorareasoferrpadse Product department-linden or— ganizing Mend workers into separate mils responsible for producing particular product: or services Custom departmentallntlon organizing work and workers into sepa— rate units responsflefor particular kinds «customers Geographic departmental“- tlon organifing work and mam separate units lespmsibie for doing busi- ness in par-tiarhr geographic areas Matrix departmentaliution a hybrid organizational structure inwhlch two or more forms of deparrrnenraliza- tion. mostoften product and functional. are used together Simple matrix a form at men-ix departmentailzation in wth managers in different parts ofthe matrix negotiate conflicts and resources Complex matrix aforrn ofmatrtx deparhnentailzation in which managers in different partsofthe matrix report to matrix managers. who help them sonout conflcts and problems Authority the right to give commands. take actionand melee decisions to achieve organizational objectives Chain of commandrhevenical line ofauthoritythat clarifies who reportsto vurhomthmughoutthe organization Ullfly of command a management principle that when should report to lust one boss Line authority the rightto command immediate subordinates in the chain of command Staff authorityrhe rlghtltoachrise. but not omrrnandmthers Mroare not subordinates in thechain ofoornmand 1W S Hill- rill: Hill W W i ll ”mum n ”wt.‘. mow-x.” w m“ act—u- Iflin‘i' 25125 F‘M‘ -. cram—- nan nu.- )fimw- : r l ...
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