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Review for Final (3)

Review for Final (3) - Pro Inability wrms bugs mud 101-91...

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Unformatted text preview: Pro Inability} wrms bugs mud 101-91 possmilmcs a) How many read at least one of these magazines? ‘7 4' t , 'l/ M b) Exactly one of these magazines? c) Exactly two of these magazines? d) None of these magazines? M Let E and F be two events that are mutually exclusive, and suppose that P(E) = .2 and P(F) = .5. Compute a) P(Efl F): Poe) 3 0 -b-) P(E‘) -. l-PIE)°--e .c).P(EU F) : Kai-PW): 0 d) .PCECOFF). : Pam- l-HE‘UF3’3 ‘ SUr finches/t5 13. A group of'five people are selected at random. What is the probabilityg Prom bl “ that at least two of them will have the same birthday? p3 MIA-91 J91. Electronic baseball games manufactured by Tempco Electronics are 'Pmbqbllil’ shipped in lots of 24. Before shipping, a quality-control inspector \j randomly selects a sample of 8 from each lot for testing. If the sample , ‘ contains any defective games, the entire lot is rejected. What is the l p" probability that a lot containing exactly 2 defective games will still be I 95 $0 3 shipped? M Consider the experiment of rolling a fair dice twice. Show that the‘PVOlOQId“ event of obtaining a 6 on the first roll and that of obtaining a l on the (CIVMn-DVB second roll are independent events. .3 J In a survey to determine the opinions of Americans on health insurers, °DV0\0CM0\ \ ' 400 baby boomers and 600 pre-boomers were asked this question: Do \ you believe that insurers are very responsible for high health costs? 0f the baby boomers, 212 answered in the affirmative, whereas 198 of the pie-boomers answered in the affirmative. If a responded chosen at random from those surveyed answered the question in the affirmative. what is the probability that he or she is .a) :a baby boomer? b) a pro-boomer? *‘j (vamw) 11/ A company wants to launch a new advertising campaign to boost sales. . Va l “‘0 The marketing department proposes a campaign which will cost $10 million. but they estimate there is a w chance it will yield £25 million in new sales and a @925 chance it ' will yield_§_5_ million. Find the expected value of this campaign proposal. XIR + XIPZ 25(~U)t€(-4~) 3 Fl ...
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