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Test 2 (3) - (5 Madison Electric Company had sales of 32 in...

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Unformatted text preview: (5) Madison Electric Company had sales of 32% in its first year of operation. If the sales increased by $370,000 per year thereafier, find the Madison’s sales in the Maud its m1 sales over the first five far-s of operation. Hint: n term of an arithmetic progression is given by a," = a + (n - Dr! and the sum of first 11 terms is given by Sn = §[2a + (n -.1)d] where a is the first term and d is the common difference. as = 100m-r{54)%0.000 6200\000 0] g z 32 0013/ C»? s 5's ’ ‘JMOOW? *(g—l) some) /0 “52% LIQDDOM Home) -/- 5% (g2 0.000) /, (6) Let U denote the set ofall cars in a dealer’s lo§an6d 1; ”600900 A = {x E le is equipped with automatic tntnsmissiml ‘ 31:le 3ij 323$ 31:31 33:33:53?“ ' U, : {mates :3; ,7, gang Find an expression in terms of A, B and C for each of the following sets and represent! them using a Venn diagram: :1. The set of cars with at least one of the given options. b. The set ifcars with exactly one of the given options c. The set of cats with automatic transmission and side air bags but no air conditioning. flu...“ -------- /m-'mnn+to / +1 ...
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