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Unformatted text preview: /’ Homework #02 Page 1 of 20 1. 11.11%; Afl§ybmi§sian§ flgleg Question: TanApMaths 2.2.008. View Last Response ‘ Determine whether the lines through the pairs of polnts are perpendicular. A6.-7 ,B-2,8 and Ci,-9,D-9.6 it! Yes. the lines are perpendicular. Q No. the lines are not perpendicular. 2. 111 29ml; Afiubmjaaigng fl9!§§ Question: TanApMaths 2.2.020. Find an equation of the line that has slope m and y-intercept b. m = -5; b = -4 e 3- 11199105 All§ubmi5§i9n§ NQEQE Question: TanA pMath5 2.2.031. View Last Response ' Find an equation of the line that passes through the point (5, -6) and is perpendicular to the line -7x + By » 7 = 0. 4. flépointe AllSuhmisaions Notes, Question: TanApMaths 2.2.062. ViewLastResponse - The Venus Health Club for Women provides its members with the following table. which gives the average desirable weight (in pounds) for women of a certain height (in inches): (a) Plot the weight (y) versus the height (x). (Select the correct graph.) ...
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