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WebAssign hw7 (4) - Assignment#7 Page 4 of 5 In a recent...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment #7 Page 4 of 5 In a recent senatorial election. 50% of the voters in a certain district were registered as Democrats, 30% were registered as Republicans, and 20% were registered as independents. The incumbent Democratic senator was reelected over her Republican and Independent opponents. Exit polls indicated that she gained 78% gt the Democratic vote. 25% of the Republican vote, and 25% of the lndependent'vote. Assuming that the exit poll is accurate, what is the probability that a vote for the incumbent was cast by a registered Republican? (Round your :nswer to three decimal places.) (391.9.) ;‘ 93:1 dcm .075" : "4gp . WSW (.26y‘3320’1‘3 no. .5”; ‘ (32.9301); .05 MO mm__-____”~m_-_-_-_-___..__‘$H:-_m__ 9. 011 points All Submissions Notes Question: TanApMathS 8.3.046. The following table gives the percent of eligible voters grouped according to profession who responded with "Voted" in the 2000 presidential election. The table also gives the percent of people in a survey categorized by their profession. If an eligible voter who participated in the survey and voted in the election is selected at random, what is the probability that this person is a housewife? (Round your answer to three decimal places.) . l3l 3‘ . Percent Who Percent in Each “ m- 800 White collar rev; Blue collar 234$ UHSkllled U (00 fl 345 mm. W7 = .l'bD'S W H I v) (9311. 10. 0I2 points All Submissions Notes Question: TanApMathS 8.5.030. The probability of an event E occurring is 0.8. What are the odds in favor of E occurring? 4 :l ' “:3?— : :35. , What are the odds against E occurring? i—_% _L - L+ :- l .’ I = 4- x /_a% — “It—g; ‘- 11. —I1 points Notes Question: TanApMathS 8.5.034. Carmen, a computer sales representative, feels that the odds are 13 to 9 that she will clinch the sale of a mini-computer to a certain company. What is the (subjective) probability that Carmen will make the sale? (Round your answer to three decimal places.) /" I3”! = E. 1.3.. , .42; seen \% \r'é\ Ci,“ [’0’ - ‘q 72‘ ...
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