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Ch 2 (1) - M Fall 2009 Solar Radiation and the Seasons...

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Unformatted text preview: M Fall 2009 Solar Radiation and the Seasons Chapter 2 The goal of this chapter as well as the next chapter is to identify and describe the primary factors that cause variations in air temperature from place to place over the earth. 1. Energy Definition of Energy— HE filo-““9 *0 do WDYK _ ’L ‘ Two Kinds of Energy: Kinetic and Potential Y «N T031 1: ’1’ \ozb ‘é-E' 0‘15» on we Kinetic Energy - energy due to M9“ OW Definition of Temperature — A measure of the average K“ 365'“ ( g g y )1 X Ell-fl of the molecules of a substance. Temperature Scales; a. Fahrenheit (F) — used in reporting surface temperatures. b. Celsius (C) - used in reporting temperatures above the surface. O“C = 32" F [1. Energy Transfer Processes 1- conducfl W0 2. Com (chow 3- WAG-\Gifl (3m Conduction 1. Transfer of energy from MQ‘QCAN‘Q +3 MNCCJUUO 2. Conduction can occur I bfifljg \A a substance OR when two substances are in C“! (l t g m] at twith each other. 3. Energy is transferred from hflbV} ‘0 WW HmWrQfi/trf The ultimate source of energy for atmospheric processes is B If! S [AK] _ «b ”3&5 0t «W ...
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