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Ch 2 (4) - Solar Angle the angle(in degrees between the...

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Unformatted text preview: Solar Angle: the angle (in degrees) between the horizon and the position of the sun in the sky at noon. Solar Angle varies during the year as well as daily. Here we’re talking about during the year. The solar angle influences the amount of beam spreading and beam depletion. Beam spreading — refers to the surface area over which the sun’s energy is distributed due to the solar angle. .5 3 / O ,. r O_ ,I I R 1‘. .\ [11‘ \U) OOMUMVK smuot beam spreadincg Smaller surface area with a y “Q “(h solar angle. Greater surface area with a i! L L) solar angle. Flashlight analogy: f it, / ii / J/ / “A" 'B “A" is analogous to a high soiar angle. “B" is like a low solar angle. Beam spreading affects the intensity ofthe sun’s energy at the earth's surface. The greater the beam spreading. the less solar energy is received at a given location. ...
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