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Ch3 (1) - f In—‘fl‘ 5 ‘" Fall 2009 Energy...

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Unformatted text preview: f In—‘fl‘. 5 . ‘ " Fall 2009 Energy Balance and Temperature ' Chapter 3 This chapter is a continuation of the material in Chapter 2. We’re going to look at other factors that control the temperature of the air. I. Processes Affecting Radiation 1. Absorption \ ' ‘ . . ‘ - a. When a substance absorbs radiation it energy. b. When a substance emits radiation it | Q Sf L8 energy. 2. Scattering/Reflection a. Scattering is the rm [TOO/1101A O? CHE m% b. Ne enema \s absorbed c. Reflection is a special case of scattering. We’ll use reflection when referring to visible light from the sun being reflected from cloud tops or the earth's surface One type of scattering is called g5 Ella lE ) l/l scattering: Size of object doing scattering is small compared to the WflVClCrlQHFl OF finer-w Most efi‘ective for Shgrfer wavelm What effect does Rayleigh scattering have in the atmosphere? It causes. nae blue (Elev of- the 8M. 3. ‘l‘ransmission Transmission is the movement of radiation through the atmosphere uithout dbSOYbfiow OP. smrrcczqu ...
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