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Ch4 (6) - The wind_flows in a S‘Q git g S M Q gngg sense...

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Unformatted text preview: The wind_flows in a S‘Q git: g S M; Q; gngg sense around a [UV-3 or Y b C . "‘ Important Note: this is how winds flow in the upper atmosphere where the effects of the friction force can be neglected. There is a balance between pressure gradient force and Coriolis force. When discussing winds at the surface we cannot neglect the effect of friction. What does fiiction do to the surface winds? (5 Friction 0' SEW S the wind speed. This reduces the {‘8}! SS )SXS EV)! g g . r The E kQSSUWft 9V9; ME y 51' l ovgjcg now exceeds the Coriolis force. Note: the magnitude and direction of pressure gradient force hasn’t changed. This results in winds flowing m CH 0 S the isobars toward owe/v ’ . Surface Winds around a low and high pressure center (combining all 3 forces): i3€\c‘ ~v~~ -, H0 Venn“ L‘ __,__3l:_;___.4— ‘ CDO. ‘m u—-—*“““ “"m “m.— Surface winds around a trou h and rid e: ...
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