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Unformatted text preview: 40f5 http://www.atmo.ttu.edufphillips/chapterSnotes.htm Dkig Egg mg. Q @593, Egg! (DALR) ( dry means the air IS _n_ot saturated!) Remember a lapse rate is a decrease of temperature with height. 55 ° F I l 0909‘ The DALR = ** Do not confuse this with the environmental lapse rate obtained through a radiosonde.” What have we learned so far? All unsaturated parcel of moist air cools adiabatically as it rises. As the unsaturated parcel rises, is the water vapor content changing? Li i 2 Is the temperature of the parcel changing? Is the relative humidity increasing or decreasing? ifl! I £12151. [3% What happens ifthe RH — 100%? The air is mdmmg At which pointfimdmsgnan—or mm occurs and a cloud begins to form MPP’PE“ Besides water vapor, what must also be present in the atmosphere for a cloud to form? _ aerosols Exam 1e of what ha ens when moist air rises in the atmos here: HEIGHT TEMP DEW POINT 5000 ft gr?“ 6—6 4000fi 512) :1 S?) F RH e {00(70 {lbw {:0th 3000 R ([8 6- €61 2000 ft (96] art IE . 1000 R 74 5 fi Surface 80 62 LCL stands for Li Uk'fl CV1: - ' 7 0V1 QU i . The LCL is the height where a rising parcel of air becomes saturated and a cloud begins to form (base of cloud). taenav ? 10/26/09 8:20 AM ‘, V ,_-,r-.,an-"_,*0__u__.___-____-_A_44-----A--rr-m,,,t. ,_ ,_,“ J ...
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