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Ch6 (2) - n 1_L.M.£_nom him...

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Unformatted text preview: n- _ 1_L.._.M.£_nom- him http:l/www.atmo.ttu.edu/phillips/chapterfinotéshtm Clouds that form in an S by fimbw atmosphere tend to develop ny ’t \( Q\ \5 through part or all of the troposphere. Clouds that form in a é [gig )lf 5 atmosphere tend to be more spread out horizontally. How is the stability of the atmosphere determined? Stability depends on the of the parcel of air compared to the of the surrounding air. Density is related to temperature so to determine stability we compare the temperature of g [lfil % parcel ofair to the temperature ofthe C HV I [Will \_l 5g [3 t' at a given altitu e. So what information do we need? 1. Temperature of the Cti (Tp) 2. Temperature of the g gmgimm M £33: (Te) To understand how stability affects parcels of air consider the following: Which is more dense, cold air or warm air? i ,QIQ‘ Oi I k If Tp colder than Te, the parcel will Siflg and therefore it is S I Q bl]: g . If Tp warmer than Te, the parcel will i [SC and therefore it is l M 33111 we . If Tp equals Te, the parcel is said to be LKT The parcel temperature is known because as air rises it cools at either the C IVE?) or C adiabatic lapse rate. We know those from Chapter 5. The tem erature of the environment at different altitudes is obtained from a XQfiiL'OfiDsgdfl . To illustrate this concept of stability and show how stability is detemined we’ll consider the following example that represents conditions in the atmosphere favorable for thunderstorm development. Surface temp is 80 F / dew point is 71 F. Example: HEIGHT ENVIRON PARCEL STABILITY 5000a 56 MGIW W‘STCK'MC, 4000 n 61 , . (95 I b?) [At 'BTOKML, 10/26/09 8:20 AM ...
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