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Exam 1 Study Guide (2)

Exam 1 Study Guide (2) - Study Guide for Exam 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Study Guide for Exam 1 http://www.atmo.ttu.edulphillips/examlreviewhtm 4. The three parts of the electromagnetic spectrum mentioned in class. NWO. ‘Olb‘f‘k‘. wsmxe. \n%YO.Yeck, 5. The radigon laws discussed in class and what those laws mean. KJQ-an— Newman Law- wens tam~ 6. Define msolation , mcomma some VMMHM 7. Ex lain wh Earth ex eriences seasons our and Baum WXJBNQ A. oumd. mo, gun, (mm “mm on “5 q we H“ “NC-i («NM so wwg. seasons. 8. Defme solar angle, beam spreading and beam depletion EDescribe how beam spreading and beam depletion are difl'erent for a high solar angle versus a low solar angle and what that means about the intensity of insolation at the Earth’s surface. \ 10. Describe how the solar angle changes at a particular location on the Earth (like at Lubbock) during the year and what that means about the intensity of insulation. Also describe how solar angle varies with latitude and how that causes different amounts of insolation to reach the Earth’s surface which influences temperature. Chapter 3 1. The 3 processes affecting radiation. ' Resowhen. Saw-es? mg! in: extrnnon'i‘mmmss\ovs 2. Rayleigh scattering. 2 of 2 9/22/09 10:22 AM ...
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