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Exercise (1) - ATMO 1300 Fall 2009 Classroom Assessment...

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Unformatted text preview: ATMO 1300 Fall 2009 Classroom Assessment Exercise 9/16/09 Use the figures below to answer the following questions. The figures represent different solar angles. The two lines drawn from the sun represent the sun’s rays or energy striking the earth’s surface at Lubbock. This part of the exercise is based on the fact that the solar angle at one particular location, like Lubbock, changes during the year due to the revolution of the Earth around the sun. Grand Figure PI Figure 13 Game 7.: D<o z; 1. Which figure depicts the higher solar angle? fig W0 A 2. Wthhfiélfi shows greater beam spreading and beam depletion at Lubbock? 3. Which figure better represents the solar angle at Lubbock on June 21“? flgm v a, A 4. Which figure better represents the solar angle at Lubbock on December 22"“? ago v c: g 5. gflfifate is the intensity of insolaiion greater at Lubbock, December 22 or Jam: 2! ~ Summer Solstice ...
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