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Trevor Grabhorn 10-18-10 Period 2 DBQ Chapter 9 Nationalism and Sectionalism It is accurate statement that both nationalism and sectionalism increased during Monroe’s presidency, known as the Era of Good Feelings. Nationalism and sectionalism are not mutually exclusive beliefs and have developed along with one another throughout history. During the Era of Good Feelings, the country used the driving force of nationalism to unify itself through its time of prospering and growing. It is also accurate that for many, states and territorial rights were completely imperative for their political agenda, but as proved by the articles reviewed for this DBQ; nationalism, directly with regards to protection from possibility of strong, united foreign powers and the creation of foreign policy, was more important and the more standard political belief of the people during that Era. It is clearly established from the documents that nationalism was considered to have much greater importance during the Era of Good Feelings. This was a time when our nation’s foreign policy was just developing and where threat from other foreign powers was still floating around the nations’ mind. The U.S. was still not viewed as one
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DBQ_Chapter_9[1] - C HA PT ER 9...

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