FRQ Unit 2 #2 10-19

FRQ Unit 2 #2 10-19 - Trevor Grabhorn 10-19-10 Period 2 FRQ...

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Trevor Grabhorn 10-19-10 Period 2 FRQ Unit 2 #2 Evaluate the relative importance of domestic and foreign affairs in shaping American politics in the 1790’s . U.S. politics & policy were shaped by mostly domestic affairs in the 1790's.During George Washington's Presidency, Alexander Hamilton & Thomas Jefferson , his two closest advisors, faced off on opposing views of what the role of government should be. Alexander Hamilton, the Federalist from N.Y. called for shaping policies that would help to improve the U.S. economy & lifestyle. In his 3 reports to congress, Hamilton called for protective tariffs, a bank of the U.S., encouragement of industry, and improved infrastructure to better facilitate transport: all domestic issues. But, Jefferson, the Republican from Virginia, advocated a strict constructional view of the constitution, adhering only to what the constitution says exactly, as opposed to Hamilton's loose construction view using the elastic clause or the necessary & proper clause to its fullest which would allow the government to do anything. Jefferson advocated an agrarion society with a small government & was completely introverted. Domestic and Foreign affairs therefore produced tensions that established the tradition of political parties . The XYZ Affair, in which French minister Talleyrand attempted to bribe 3 American diplomats produced the opposite affect by putting the Republicans on the defensive from Federalist attacks during the resulting Quasi-War with France. Hamilton's
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FRQ Unit 2 #2 10-19 - Trevor Grabhorn 10-19-10 Period 2 FRQ...

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