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FRQ Unit 3 #1 12-10 - Trevor Grabhorn 12-1-10 Period 2 FRQ...

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Trevor Grabhorn 12-1-10 Period 2 FRQ Unit 3 #1 Discuss the impact of territorial expansion on national unity between 1800 and 1850 From the years 1800-1850 the nation was full of battles and conflict. Territorial expansion was a cause in most of the battles, but also gained much needed input for the nation. Territorial expansion was believed to be spurred by the concept of Manifest Destiny; almost everyone believed that America should extend from coast to coast and maybe even farther. But it was the issue of the expansion of slavery into the new territories that ultimately cause the civil war which completely split our nation right down the middle. There were many impacts on national unity between those time periods, but the main impact was territorial expansion. This is true because of the Louisiana Purchase, the purchase of Oregon territory, and the Mexican War. The Louisiana Purchase may have been one of the biggest results of unity because of territorial expansion. The terms of the purchase were that the United States bought 827,987 square miles of land from France for about $15 million. This vast area lay between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian Border. The purchase of this land greatly increased the economic resources of the United States, and cemented the union of the Middle West and the East.
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FRQ Unit 3 #1 12-10 - Trevor Grabhorn 12-1-10 Period 2 FRQ...

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