The Great Awakening FRQ 9-10

The Great Awakening FRQ 9-10 - Trevor Grabhorn 9-13-10...

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Trevor Grabhorn 9-13-10 Period 2 The Great Awakening The Great Awakening was a period of great revivalism that spread throughout the colonies in the 1730s and 1740s. It deemphasized the importance of church doctrine and instead put a greater importance on the individual and their spiritual experience. The Great Awakening pushed individual religious experience over established church doctrine, thereby decreasing the importance and weight of the clergy and the church in many instances. Therefore new denominations arose or grew in numbers as a result of the emphasis on individual faith and salvation. It also unified the American colonies as it spread through numerous preachers and revivals. This unification was greater than had ever been achieved previously in the colonies. Throughout the Great Awakening many colonists began to realize that the church was ineffective and condescending. The intellectuals thought they were big-shots because the world was so predictable, but the epidemic of diphtheria in 1737 and 1738 which killed every 10 th child under 16 moved people more into a new religion. During the Great Awakening Quaker, Anglican, and Congregationalist power decreased. The number of Presbyterian and Baptist churches increased after 1740 & Methodist after 1770. The compromises of the Half-way covenant were swept aside, and the notion of the church as a body of saints, was reclaimed. A complete dissolving of the theocracy occurred and the
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The Great Awakening FRQ 9-10 - Trevor Grabhorn 9-13-10...

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