Birches 4-11 - Trevor Grabhorn Period 3 Childhood Memories...

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Trevor Grabhorn 4-4-11 Period 3 Childhood Memories Do you think your life will flash before your eyes when you die? In “Birches,” by Robert Frost the main character relives his childhood before his last gasp of life. The poem starts off with: When I see branches bend left and right, across the lines of other trees, I like to think boys have been swinging them. But swinging doesn’t permanently snap them like the ice storms do. Usually they are loaded with ice after a sunny winter morning rain. They hit each other as the wind blows, and change colors as the bark cracks and sheds its core. Lots of snow blowing away, causing you to believe that heaven fell. They are dragged to the worn out fern by the masses and they never seemed to break; though once they bend for a while, they never become straight again. You may see their trunk bend in the woods after many years, dropping leaves on the ground. I prefer to have a boy bend them as he went to fetch the cows, some boy too isolated to learn baseball, whose only entertainment was himself, summer or winter, by himself playing. One by one he bent his father’s trees by swinging them numerous times until they were ruined, with not one hanging limp or that he hadn’t already conquered. He learned all he could about not swinging to quickly so not ripping the tree off the ground. He always kept his balance while climbing to the top; then he jumped outward, feet first, with a swish, kicking his way down through the air. And I was once a swinger of birches and I dream of doing it again. It’s when I’m aware of considerations, and lure is too similar to pathless wood where your face burns and tickles with the cobwebs broken upon it, and one eye red because a twig hit it cutting it. I’d like to escape earth for a while and then start over
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Birches 4-11 - Trevor Grabhorn Period 3 Childhood Memories...

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