The MNC is widely known as a firm that has productive capacity in a number of countries

The MNC is widely known as a firm that has productive capacity in a number of countries

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The MNC is widely known as a firm that has productive capacity in a number of  countries.   It   is   believed   that   Multinational   companies   create   more   problems   than  benefits when investing in foreign countries. However, from my view point, I am not  really agreed with the statement because there are many benefits of Multinational  companies when investing in foreign countries. Firstly, Multinational companies will  contribute tax revenue to the government. To a nation, Multinational companies pay  taxes which are the main source of income for the government. These sums of money  can  be   used   for   social   welfare  programs.   Secondly,   Multinational   companies   may  provide training and education for employees that creating a higher skilled labor force. 
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Unformatted text preview: These skills may be transferred to other areas of the host country. Often management and entrepreneurial skills learned from Multinational companies are an important source of human capital. Moreover, many of people who work for Multinational companies have chances for further training and also chances to live and work overseas. Finally, Multinational companies generate a great number of opportunities of employment for a country. Those who get jobs will in turn, pay personal income tax for the government. Individuals can also be beneficiaries. They as mentioned above, get employment opportunities to express their talent....
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