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Three the most important things of an effective manager

Three the most important things of an effective manager -...

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Three the most important things of an effective manager Firstly, As a manager you need excellent leadership skills. you have to be able to lead by example. All too many managers are of the mindset, “do as I say, but not as I do,” instead of setting an example for their employees. If a manager demands hard work, integrity, and teamwork from the employees in his stewardship, he must first demonstrate that he works hard, is a man of integrity, and is a strong team player before he can demand those qualities from his employees. Secondly, you must also have a clear vision of what your goals and objectives are, as well as a specific plan as to how you will achieve those goals and objectives. Put your vision and
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Unformatted text preview: plan into writing and go over it with your employees often so that you can resolve any concerns they might have and help them in any areas where they may falter. Finally, you must listen to your employees concerns and suggestions. Keep the communication channels open in the workplace and use the concerns and suggestions of employees to make the workplace better. Even if you follow all of the suggestions outlined above, if you do not listen to your employees, you will be just another manager who doesn’t know how to lead. I think you will be an effective manager if you do well these things....
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