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What does - I use canvas bags. I use very little aluminum...

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What does “think globally, act locally” means? To me that means that what we do at home will eventually effect the world. This is in terms of recycling. Like I save soda cans, newspapers, glass and plastic bottles and in November I sell them to the recyclers. Then I use the money helps care for the animals in that they are neutered/spayed so as not to have overpopulation of animals that have no homes. In additional, I also don't use plastic bags for groceries that take forever to process in the dump nor do I use paper grocery bags so maybe a fewer trees will be cut therefore helping to save our atmosphere.
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Unformatted text preview: I use canvas bags. I use very little aluminum foil, instead using the reusable plastic with elastic bowl covers for those bowls I have no covers for. (They're kind of like shower caps and are washable.) And, last but not least I recycle coffee grounds to my plants along with food scraps and egg shells with grass clippings to make garden mulch. These are only a few things that I have pretty much done most of my life and have passed to my kids and grands as well....
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