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1) Five types of power. Legitimate power is the power that stems from a formal management position in an organization and the authority granted to it. Eg: being a manager of a department the individual can direct his/her employees to perform task. Reward power is the power that results from the authority to bestow rewards on other people. Eg: if employees have contributed to the profit of organization, they will be rewarded in terms of bonuses, salary increases. Coercive power is the power that stems from the authority to punish or recommend punishment. Eg: the manager will punish employee who are lazy and cannot perform expected.
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Unformatted text preview: Expert power is the power that stems from special knowledge of or skill in the tasks performed by subordinates. Eg: when the leader is a true expert, subordinates go along with recommendations because of his/her superior knowledge. Referent power is the power that results from characteristics that command subordinates’ identification with, respect and admiration for, and desire to emulate the leader. Eg: when workers admire a supervisor because of the way she deals with them, the influence is based on referent power....
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