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SUBJECT CODE: ENG110 Assignment 2 Critical Response Prepared for Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Ms. Do Thi Thu Trang By Nguyen Cong Viet 421803 - VISK2010A Keuka College – IS, VNU June, 2010 Page  1  of  4
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SUBJECT CODE: ENG110 In the modern life, mandatory retirement is a burning issue in the organizations and even in many countries. Some countries have not enough human resources, in another way the human resources are superfluous in other countries. It is cause of leading to the mandatory retirement with a large number of people, especially the older workers who are approaching their retirement age. The ratio of retirement people is more rapidly increasing day by day. Dr. Folse K at Houghton Mifflin Company has an argument about with topic “mandatory retirement is not an option but a requirement”. In the essay about mandatory retirement, 1999, Dr. Folse K showed that the old workers are faced with retiring when they reached the age of sixty-five. He absolutely disagrees with that because of three reasons: violates personal choice, discriminate to old workers, and waste valuable skill from the experienced workers. In additional, there are not any opinions that the older workers take job opportunities from fresh-graduated people. To sum up, there are many effective influences that decide the age of retirement such as the economic requirement, status of an organization, the capability and heath of workers. All of them would not be constrained. In this argument, the author believed that the mandatory retirement violates an individual’s
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ENG101Ass2NguyenCongViet - SUBJECT CODE: ENG110 Assignment...

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